Hot Water Generator

Hot Water Generators are Mostly used in the Hotel industries, but knowing the properties of water one can utilize water in liquid form even at elevated temperatures. We can offer Hot Water Generator upto temperature of 180°C. Water has higher specific heat as compared to any other Thermic Fluids used, hence making it most suitable Media for temperatures upto 180°C.

Solid Fuel Fired Hot Water Generator

Solid Fuel Fired Hot Water Generator , designed with all safeties & controls well defined for safe operation. The system is suitable to heat water up to 210°C. The furnace is refractory lined with high alumina content bricks to give extra life & hence performance. Solid fuels or agro waste reduces the cost of heat generation substantially & improves profitability of users.

The hot water generators is suitable for,

  • Food processing industry
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Tea processing
  • Coconut processing
  • Corn drying
  • Sesame drying
  • Onion dehydration etc.

Hot Water Generator

Hot Water Generator with Liquid fuels like Diesel / Heavy Oils or Gas as fuel can be Manufactured and supplied to customers. These heaters occupy comparatively less space and are Highly Efficient. Heaters can be offered / Manufactured in accordance with the international standards of quality.

Specification :

  • Hot water generator Capacities: 1 lac kcal/hr (116 KW) to 50 lac kcal/hr (5813 KW)
  • Maximum possible temperature of 210°C.

The designed Hot Water Generator is suitable for fuels like:

  • Furnace oil / LDO / Diesel
  • LPG / Natural Gas / Piped Gas