Thermic Fluid Heater

We are among the leading manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of Thermic Fluid Heater. We offer Heaters in horizontal & vertical models, as per convenience of the Customer, Users. We have offered heaters up to normal 345°C at near atmospheric pressure with efficiency as high as 90% on GCV of oil or gas fuel. These Thermal Oil Heaters or Process Heaters find their application in various Industries like chemical, textile, technical textile, plywood & laminates, oil & gas, packaging, rubber, pharmaceuticals and food processing. We can even offer Thermic Fluid Heaters up to maximum temperature of 380°C with specialized Fluids from Solutia Inc - USA or DOW Chemicals, USA.

Fuel Oil Pre Heaters

The Fuel Oil Pre Heaters fabricated by our company produced from superior quality raw materials and are used to heat fuel oil to a desired temperature before combusted in a boiler. They can be provided in a flange or screw plug design. It maintains oil temperature so that complete combustion occurs under optimal conditions, thereby reducing pollutants and increasing efficiency.

Thermal Oil Heater (Air Monoblock Burner)

We offer a cost effective range of Thermal Oil Heater (Air Monoblock Burner) that are extensively used in different industries. These are engineered to deliver maximum efficiency and low pressure operations even at higher temperatures. We offer them at competitive prices in the market. The payback period will be 2 to 10 months against oil / gas fired or electrical hot air generators. It has a very high thermal efficiency up to 80%.

Features :

  • Hot air generators
  • Four pass design
  • Less space
  • Maximum efficiency
  • Less maintenance due to minimum
  • Vertical design
  • Easy access for maintenance
  • Less pollution by using dust collectors

Thermal Oil Heater (Air Monoblock Burner)

The Thermal Oil Heater we offer is a fully automatic oil gas/solid fuel fired/ electrical thermal fluid thermal heater. We provide these heaters in two type’s i.e. vertical & horizontal. It has fully automatic operations. Due to larger Heating Surface & efficient Burner we get High Thermal Efficiency of 87%+ 2.

Features :

  • Maintaining clean combustion
  • Free of air pollutants
  • No explosion hazards

Solid Fuel Fired Thermic Fluid Heater

Today solid fuels or agro waste as fuels is the best and low cost option for heat generation. We design, manufacture and supply Solid Fuel Fired Thermic Fluid Heater for various industrial applications from chemicals, textiles and food processing to pharmaceuticals as well. Solid fuels or agro waste can reduce the operating costs to half of the cost of fuel oils or gas.

The heater design can be made suitable for below mentioned options :

  • Coal / Indonesian coal
  • Wood, wood chips
  • Palm kernel shell
  • Bagasse, briquettes

Other Information

  • Port of Dispatch: Mumbai - India
  • Production Capacity: 10 mln Kcal-Hr

Thermic Fluid Heaters

We manufacture Thermic Fluid Heaters suitable for various process heating applications on fuel oil or fuel gas. Oil or gas fired design is the most compact design and offers efficiency as high as 92% with external air preheater. The thermic fluid temperatures offered can provide outlet temperature of 380°C for processes like waste oil distillation.

Construction Features:

  • High Heat Resistant Steel Tubes: BS 3059 P-1 or Even Alloy Steels as Per requirements
  • Seamless Pipes: SA106 Gr. B SCH40 For temperatures Upto 340°C
  • The System is 3 Pass On Flue Gas Side, which Ensures Optimum Heat Transfer with Counter Current Flow Principle
  • Thermic Fluid Heaters are Designed for all Commercial & Special Fuels Available In Market for Combustion
  • Fuels Like: Diesel / Furnace Oil (HFO) / Natural Gas / LPG